Principal message

I relish it as my proud privilege that I have been wearing the responsibility of the principal of this great institute that exists and breathes with the sole purpose of shaping the tender and innocent children into dynamic, discerning, dexterous, diligent, dauntless and of course debonair human beings. All the endeavors of the educationists under the sun to impart ideal and holistic education to the children will go down the drain if character building is not kept at the very axis of the policy making. Ironically, in the flamboyant and ostentatious glare of the modernization, the stakeholders with the onus of educating the young minds have somewhere lost the sight of the significance of character building. There is no denying the fact that over the years, we have gifted talented artists, skilful engineers, world class doctors, innovative entrepreneurs and successful business barons to the society. But the cost that has been paid to attain this superficial accomplishment can’t be turned a blind eye to. The burgeoning rise in the crime rate in society and a land sliding decline in the ethical values amongst the youth stand an authentic testimony to our failure in achieving the desirable. SS MEMORIAL SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL has always prioritized the virtuous, unimpeachable and scrupulous behavior building amongst its students and the dividends gained of this priority have always been lavish and lucrative. We step forward ceaselessly with a strong belief that there lies an abundance of potential in every child and if that cache is tapped to its maximum, the world will become a literal heaven with goodness flourishing to its optimum grace and evil biting the dust in an ignominious manner. Our motto ‘Service Before Self’ provides us the rejuvenating and motivational stimulus to invest in our every wee bit to meet the desirable. Our state-of-the art infrastructure, judiciously drafted policies, visionary management, erudite and dedicated teaching faculty, laborious and righteous supporting staff make it a perfect permutation that could be ever envisioned for an educational institute.